I am writing to express my appreciation for your work. Participating in the SRC was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It’s hard for me to believe, but in the short time of about two months, my blood pressure is amazingly improved and I am able to calm myself and better understand that just as things arise, they also pass away. It’s been really great for me. And I am most appreciative. Thanks so much, A.Z.

The Silent Retreat Day was so wonderful. It helped me to see how much change I have experienced in only eight weeks. At the beginning of the classes I had such a difficult time paying attention and staying focused on whatever it was that we were using as a focus point for meditation but by the end…at the retreat…I was able to slip almost immediately into restful meditation. These practices have changed my response to my life. Keep sharing these wonderful tools. B.R.

Thanks again for a wonderful clinic! I really enjoyed it. I’m continuing the pattern of daily formal meditation, which I learned in the classes. I also loaded the SRC CDs on my IPod so I can access them during my lunch break or I’m traveling or whenever needed. I love it! I had my annual exam last week and my doctor commented on the improvement in my blood pressure and skin condition, both clearly anxiety based. I praise your clinic and recommend it to others. M.B.

As the pressure of work increased, I started to experience more symptoms of stress, such as muscle tension aches in neck and shoulders, and insomnia. Before starting the MBSR classes, I was resorting to more frequent massages and use of pain medications for the aches, and sleeping aids for insomnia. After going through the class, I’m happy to report that most of these symptoms have largely subsided and my reliance on pharmaceutical interventions have reduced dramatically through the practices of mindfulness meditation. I know I’m just beginning the practice, and still have a lot to discover but I’m surprised how much effect I have experienced as a beginner. Also, I’m learning that mindfulness is beyond techniques. It is a change in how I perceive myself and the world around me. In the long term, I believe these changes in my basic outlook will have more profound influence on me and my family than simple stress reduction. L.L.

The stress reduction clinic has greatly influenced my life. I recently reviewed my application from last year and I couldn’t help but notice is how very different my life is now! Thanks for sharing these tools with me they have been exceedingly helpful in making some very important changes. D.P.

What a wonderful experience for my wife and I!! We learned very valuable skills that will positively impact our lives together. We learned to apply the practice of Mindfulness in everything we do. I am very glad to have participated in the 8-week clinic and we are very grateful for a life-changing experience! I strongly recommend this class to couples. C.G.

The class has been very, very valuable. I see perception shifts, large and small, in many areas. I am experiencing little pockets, like little time bubbles, of serenity and heightened awareness during daily activities. I am noticing tightened, tensed parts of my body that went unrecognized before and acknowledging those areas. Frequently, I am able to go into an observer mode and see emotions that would have overtaken me before. Many times I get to make a decision about how to act rather than reacting. MIRACLE! L.O.

These tools provide a method for me to calm down and better address the stress related to litigation. That doesn’t mean I’m not stressed but I am very clear that I’m not as stressed as I was before I started using these tools. I signed up under duress from my partner and I really didn’t expect much benefit from the work, so I was surprised when the tools worked more effectively than I had originally expected. If I’m honest, when outcomes are less than I expect them to be, it’s because I’m not putting in the same time with my meditation practice now as I did when I was in the class.