Note: All fees for SRC are open to negotiation and request for scholarships.  See How We Bill for more information.


8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Class

Eight weekly classes (each two hours long) and a one day-long retreat event (six hours) on a week-end. The MBSR program is highly participatory with practical experience. Included in the 22 hours of instruction are :

  • establishment of a learning contract
  • presentation of theoretical underpinnings of mind-body medicine
  • application of self-regulatory skills
  • instruction in use of 3 CD set of recorded meditation exercises for home use
  • instruction in use of a variety of written materials for consideration & reflection as individual assignments
  • instruction in at least 7 different mindfulness meditation practices
  • individual and group dialogue and instruction regarding:
    • perception, conditioning and other mental factors in appraisal & assessment of stress
    • self-responsibility in the positive development of health enhancing behaviors
    • recognition of options to reduce negative effects of stress reactivity
    • physiological and psychological bases of stress reactivity
    • exploration of emotional focused and problem focused coping
    • observation of how stress presents in communications with others
    • deepening capacity for choice regarding use of MBSR tools throughout the day in both formal and informal modalities
    • opportunity to experience an extended time of silence with guided support

Cost $500

Classes are held at Heart Hospital of Austin.  Review clinic information, schedules and register.



One Day Silent Retreat

This Silent Retreat Day is held three times a year on a Saturday or Sunday and includes six hours of guided Mindfulness Meditation, a gourmet organic lunch. Participants must either have completed a 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Class or have a regular and committed daily personal practice and the willingness to commit to a day of silence.

Cost $50.00

Review and register.



Individual Instruction in Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Reduction

For people interested in working one-on-one with our teachers, we offer single or multiple sessions to explore meditation and other mindfulness tools for stress reduction.  While the MBSR class and group format offers unique wisdom through the group discussion, not everyone can attend our 8-week MBSR classes due to schedules or other commitments.  Individual sessions will get you started in your mindfulness practice without having to wait for an 8-week MBSR class to fit into your schedule.  All sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual and include instruction to consciously and systematically work with stress, illness or challenges of everyday life.   Each session is one hour long and participants are exposed to the same teaching points as in the clinic but will bear more responsibility for their own practice, as time will not allow as much opportunity for shared experience or the benefits of learning within a group setting.

Individual consultations are with Sharyn Reynolds.

Cost $130 per hour or $65 per half-hour.  Please email or call for more information.



Mindful Mondays for MSBR Graduates

With Geeta Cowlagi

These classes are offered every other Monday for graduates of the MBSR programs and people who would like to deepen their meditation practice. The Class meets at the Serena Room at Casa de Luz in Austin from 7 to 8:30 pm.   A donation of $5-15 is appreciated.

Please email if you intend to come or have any questions.

Event Location

Venue:  Casa de Luz

Address: 1701 Toomey Road, Austin, TX, US, 78749



Three CD-Set of Guided Instructional Materials

Guided Meditation Instructional Materials for the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Class.  Available for download, or as a 3-CD set, these experiential learning and healing materials are the basic tools of practice used in the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Class. Individuals who are not able to participate in the group experience offered through the Clinic can purchase these recorded materials for individual use. They include the following meditations.

CD #1

Introduction to Body Scan 1:55
Body Scan by S. Reynolds 33:19
Mountain Meditation 18.30
Silence with Bells 15.36

CD #2

Introduction to Body Scan 1:57
Body Scan by P. Keinarth 36.02
Loving Kindness Meditation 23:50
Silence with Bells 10.54

CD #3

Introduction to Yoga 4:02
Floor Postures 34:18
Standing Postures 25:07

$22.00 including tax.  You may purchase the 3-CD set or downloadable MP3 files from the Store.