How we bill

It is the goal of the Stress Reduction Clinic to make our services available and fees affordable. We truly seek to NOT turn anyone away for financial reasons. Individuals with financial needs are asked to contact us to make their situation known prior to registration. Payment plans are available and scholarships for those with significant need will be determined based on household income, the number of people those dollars support and the availability of scholarship funds for any particular clinic.

Unfortunately most insurance plans will not allow reimbursement for this instructional and preventive service. We do not file insurance claims on participants behalf. However, some clients presenting receipts and progress notes signed by Dr. Keinarth upon completion of the Clinic, have been reimbursed by their insurance companies. Success is dependant on individual coverage and individual plans. Health Savings Accounts (with pre-tax dollars set aside for medical expenses) have also been a means of reimbursement for some participants.

The full fee for the clinic is $500. This includes a $50 registration and materials fee (which is required to hold a place in an upcoming clinic), eight sessions @$50 each and a day-long retreat for $50.00.

Due to space limitations, we generally hold the size of each clinic to no more than twenty-five participants. Therefore upon registration you must be prepared to commit to the full eight week program and accept financial responsibility for the full course.

Upon completion of the course, the instructors are available to provide follow-up sessions to assess how the work is going for you on your own. The charge for a 30 minute individual follow-up session is $50. Anyone who has completed the Clinic is welcome to participate in future Silent Retreat Days for $50.